4 Things to Know When Planning Your Bathroom

1. Black, Gold & Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures are more expensive

These colors are trendy and can be lovely in your space, but they come at an extra cost. Classic polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes are less expensive for the same model and lend a timeless look to your space.

2. Recessed medicine cabinets need to be framed in the wall

Surface-mounted medicine cabinets are set on top of the drywall and stick out. Many people don’t like this. If you want a medicine cabinet flush with the wall, it must be recessed. This requires framing the wall to create a cavity to support the cabinet. Because the depth of the wall is taken up, it can affect the placement of electrical and plumbing components. If you want a recessed medicine cabinet, let us know ASAP so our framing plans reflect it!

3. Wallpaper can spell trouble

Good quality wallpaper could be a viable option in a guest bathroom, but if your bathroom will receive regular use steam and glue can be a troublesome combination.

Wallpaper is prone to peeling and wrinkling when repeatedly exposed to humidity. If you want something with a pattern, it is time to explore wall tile!

4. Towel bars are NOT grab bars

If you didn’t know already, grab bars and towel bars are not comparable. Grab bars have code requirements on how large they can be, where they can be installed, and how they are mounted onto the wall. People often forget about the placement of grab bars (and towel bars.) We must remember their purpose is to be accessible!

A bathroom you and your family can feel comfortable in is important. Small details such as these can go overlooked but play a huge role in your satisfaction with the space.

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