5 Design Trends of 2022

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As a design-build company we help guide our clients to make the best style choices for their particular space. However, people often gravitate towards what’s in style. We thought we’d share some of the design trends we noticed from this past year.


1. White Subway Craze

This is a frequently requested tile that comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. White can be beautiful and give a clean look to any kitchen or bathroom but be careful this tile needs a little extra care to remain sparkly.

2. Big Impact Backsplash

Whether it’s a continuous countertop or an elegant sheet of tile, backsplashes remain a statement in many kitchens. Although the standard is only 4” in height, we often have clients requesting it go all the way to the ceiling.

3. Classic White Cabinetry

This is another very versatile nondescript classic. It goes with almost every style of home. They can also really brighten up your space, giving it a fresh and clean look.

4. Decking Redemption

Being located in beautiful northern Virginia, it prompts many of our clients to refurbish or build completely new outdoor spaces. Not to mention spending the last few years inside, it revitalized the importance of having your own private outdoor space.

5. White Marble Chic

This pattern has grown in popularity over this past year.  You can find it everywhere! Not just for home accent pieces, but cups, folders, and bags now too. It’s easy to overdo, but always looks fresh and brand new.

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