Our Story

K-One Corporation is a family and woman owned business that was established in 1989 with the focus of design and build of commercial and residential structures.  Our in house Architectural and Structural experts bring an unprecedented combined 70+ years of experience in delivering quality projects that exceed our client’s expectations.  From the very beginning, our business has been based on pillars of Trust, Integrity, and Service which has allowed us to grow a strong client following over the years.

Our Approach

Our General Contracting firm offers full service design and build services where we deliver turnkey quality projects within scope, schedule, and cost.  Each project is a new puzzle that requires innovative out of the box thinking.  Our accumulated years of experience allows us to make design and build decisions that reduce cost and bring schedule efficiencies.

Our structures capture the vision and emotions of our clients and at the same time enhance the look and feel of the community.  Our iterative requirements capture process brings to our clients a process where we inject our expertise into the design in close coordination with our client in order to meet their vision and need.  Our proactive ongoing customer engagement and communication process during construction gives our clients the comfort that the project is moving forward as planned.


Meet the Team

We are a family operated team and are highly experienced, educated, and motivated.

With our proven track record we enable you to effectively bring your vision to reality.


Jina Moussavi

Chief Designer & CEO

Ms. Moussavi brings over 40 years of experience in design of residential and commercial structures.  Ms. Moussavi obtained her Masters in Architecture from England’s Architectural Association (AA).  She has also been a licensed realtor in the DC metro area for over 25 years and is aware of where the market stands.  She understands the sweeping social, technological, and cultural changes in our world today and brings those elements into her designs. By constantly challenging herself, she designs structures that disseminate new architectural ideas in ways that few other companies could ever match.  Ms. Moussavi brings to our clients a variety of architectural design types, from modernist to classic designs or hybrid.

Hassan Moussavi

Chief Engineer

Mr. Moussavi brings over 40 years of experience in designing and building complex residential and commercial structures.  Mr. Moussavi obtained his Master’s Degree from Howard University as a Structural Engineer.  Mr. Moussavi is proficient at designing efficient structures that withstand load and natural disasters as required by the project.  Every project brings unique challenges as they are all new puzzles that have to be solved.  The experience and thought process that Mr. Moussavi has developed over the years allows us to quickly come up with new innovative ways of solving puzzles during the design and build process.  One of our unique advantages is that Mr. Moussavi as a structural expert is present during the build.  Any issues regarding structure can be quickly address on site during the build process.

Keyvan Moussavi

Managing Director

Mr. Moussavi brings many years of experience in the field of Customer Engagement having worked for top consulting firms in the DC metro area.  Mr. Moussavi has proven track record of using industry standard Project Management concepts for delivering projects within scope, schedule, and budget.  Mr. Moussavi has an MBA from Robert H. Smith School of Business and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  As a project manager, Mr. Moussavi works closely with the design team to ensure that the design as agreed is effectively implemented and delivered to the client.  Mr. Moussavi also ensures that the client is fully aware of all aspects of the project during the design and build process.  This is especially crucial during the build process, where our constant engagement project with our client’s provides them with the additional level of comfort that the project is moving forward as plans.  Mr. Moussavi also ensures that the delivery team (crew and subcontractors) are prompt at delivering and that the work delivered meets K-One’s standards.


Sarah Wehri

Senior Business Analyst

Ms. Wehri brings over two decades of experience in analytical thinking.  She engages with clients from design through the build process and assists with lock down of design and selections.  Ms. Wehri engages with vendors and ensures establishment of solid relationships that lead to better selections and savings for our clients.  She is client focused, dedicated to superb customer service, and works hard to ensure that the vision that our clients have mind regarding their structural comes to reality.  She is very well versed in quality and durability of selections from plumbing finishes to flooring and leads clients through a selection process that can otherwise be daunting for clients.  Ms. Wehri holds her PhD in biochemistry from University of Maryland and leverages her knowledge of chemistry to assess best fit of products for particular scenarios.  She keeps abreast of the latest building technologies that can be used to design and build homes that are more environmentally sound.  Her level of care and attention to detail is unprecedented in the industry.

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