Our Services


As designers, we capture our client’s vision and intent and ensure that the plans that we developed are fully aligned with budget. Our designs are intended to transform the community, and carefully considers how the public will effectively and safely make use of our design. We believe that good human centric design positively impacts the community and has a noticeable social impact.

Our recursive design and budget check ensures that our clients are quickly made aware of impacts to budget of features and functions.

We develop architectural and structural plans which also account for trades such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) and fire safety and their correct integration into the architectural / structural plans

Project Management

Our team of project management experts have diverse experience not only in construction but other fields as well. This ensures that the team possess diverse set of project management skillsets to deliver projects effectively.

We use time tested and industry standard processed for managing Communication, Risk, Project Plan, Finance, Contracts, and Change.

Selection & Procurement Management

Our team of selection experts and our time tested selection management process ensures that the vision and intent of the project in the selections is effectively captured. Our process ensures that all selections are fully vetted and that they are clearly shown and annotated in the field plans.

Having worked through the pandemic, we have become experts in navigating around the pitfalls that are associated with certain products and we steer away from them. This ensures that we stay clear of products that could potentially impact our project’s timeline or scope due to quality or lead time issues.

Our team selects and works with vendors that reflect positively on our brand and their quality of services and dedication to the mission matches that of our team.