Decorating with Lights Do’s & Don’ts

We care about keeping you and your family safe for the holidays! Keep the festivities going by following a few simple tips we provided below when decorating your home this season.


  • Make sure all lights, extension cords, timers, and connective materials are safe for their intended location: outdoor/indoor
  • Secure lights with hooks or clips.
  • Connect only 3 strands of lights together (Consumer Reports, 2009).
  • Monitor the state of your lights and throw them away after 3 years of usage
  • Use timers or turn off your lights when you’re away from your home or the sun’s out to prevent overheating.
  • Store lights in a safe and dry environment.
  • Use exterior GFCI outlets (TWUA, 2021).
  • Prior to setting up a large-scale light display, have an electrician check your system (How To, 2011).


  • Use any materials meant for indoor use only outside
  • Don’t attach your lights with nails or staples
  • Use too many extension cords or plug them into one another
  • Use old lights with strained or live wires, dead bulbs, or open sockets
  • Leave lights on for a long duration of time, lights can overheat. If you have a dry Christmas tree or an artificial one, it can be a fire hazard (TWUA, 2021).
  • Leave lights on or blow-up displays out during a storm (it may destroy your lights).
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