We care about keeping you and your family safe for the holidays! Keep the festivities going by following a few simple tips we provided below when decorating your home this season.


•Make sure all lights, extension cords, timers, and connective materials are safe for their intended location: outdoor/indoor

•Secure lights with hooks or clips.

•Connect only 3 strands of lights together (Consumer Reports, 2009).

•Monitor the state of your lights and throw them away after 3 years of usage

•Use timers or turn off your lights when you’re away from your home or the sun’s out to prevent overheating.

•Store lights in a safe and dry environment.

•Use exterior GFCI outlets (TWUA, 2021).

•Prior to setting up a large-scale light display, have an electrician check your system (How To, 2011).


•Use any materials meant for indoor use only outside

•Don’t attach your lights with nails or staples

•Use too many extension cords or plug them into one another

•Use old lights with strained or live wires, dead bulbs, or open sockets

•Leave lights on for a long duration of time, lights can overheat. If you have a dry Christmas tree or an artificial one, it can be a fire hazard (TWUA, 2021).

•Leave lights on or blow-up displays out during a storm (it may destroy your lights).


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